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URL Shorter

In everyday life in the Internet there is a constant exchange of links. Links can be different, sometimes the links are very long and inconvenient to remember and write. In order to get rid of this problem, this service was created.

Free shortcut shortcuts with a minimum of features and a simple interface. Excellent functional cutter with a fast redirect and a link. When you create a short link, it checks its availability, and the result is saved directly to the clipboard by mouse click.

Very simple to use: paste the link into the input field, press the button and get a short URL.

In case the functionality of this service is not enough for you, you can always choose the appropriate one from list of services to reduce links.

The short link service has a REST-like interface that allows you to automate the work of reducing long links. To use this interface, you need to pass the link variable using GET or POST method in request at Examples of use in various languages below:

$ echo 'prelink() { curl "$1"; }' >> ~/.bashrc && source ~/.bashrc
$ prelink | json_pp